Hot Peppers

The above picture contains some straightneck yellow squash, cucumbers and cayenne peppers. I love hot pepper sauce so I plan on putting out a few more pepper plants this weekend so I can have a bumper crop to make pepper sauce and relish. The two lower plants are yellow squash and the upper right hand plants are cucumbers. I have to build a trellis for the cukes to climb but that is not going to happen this weekend.

I have room for 3 more tomato plants and will get some this weekend. I will get some better pictures of each plant as it grows. I will also provide the type of tomato plants that I have next week. I picked tomatoes that had different maturity dates so I wouldn't have them all come in at the same time. I wish I had more room for a larger garden because there are so many veggies that I would really like to grow. Oh well, that will happen once we buy our new house.


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