To Compost or Not to Compost

I have always wanted to build a compost bin so I can harvest “black gold” for my garden vegetables.  But, this concept has alluded me for years now.  I know it is supposed to be very easy to compost garden and yard waste (waste as in plant materials), but I have just been too lazy to start a compost bin.  Every year I review dozens of composting bins that you can buy as well as build and I promise myself that I will start composting.  I also spent hours reading about worm composting, also known as vermiculture, but there has always been some reason to not pursue it.  This back and forth is going to stop this year though.  I will build a compost bin.  I will do it this year, after we purchase our new house……There I go again, excuses.

I need some help from my readers now.  Since this is the year to build that compost bin, I would like to hear from my readers on the best BUILT, not bought, compost bin that works for you or someone you know.  I have a dozen plans in my head and have read hundreds of articles on composting but I don’t trust some of the websites that I have read with telling me the absolute truth about the matter.  Has anyone tried worm composting?  What worked for you or didn’t work?

I’m still working on the 2nd article of the “Everything You Need to Know About Seeds” series and will have it up sometime this week.  Stay tuned.


One thought on “To Compost or Not to Compost

  1. Definitely try worm composting if you’re feeling lazy! I work for Groundwork Somerville and we sell guides and worms to folks in our community. It’s really easy to make a healthy bin from a large storage container – I’ve had one in my kitchen for a few years, despite my roommate’s fear of creepy crawly things. Honestly, I think he forgot they’re there!


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