Waiting stinks!

So my wife and I are buying a new house, well, a foreclosure actually.  But it will be new to us.  The problem seems to be the time it has taken for this process to get completed.  It’s still not completed and my patience is wearing thin, very thin.  We started this process in October of LAST year and the seller (big bank) didn’t properly foreclose on the home so the deed wasn’t executed into their name properly.  We have been waiting for them to sign the foreclosure deed (also known as an Executed DUP (deed under power of sale)) which was FINALLY signed last week and certified valid by their attorney.  The problem is they did not send the deed and the paperwork for closing to my closing attorney yet like they said they would do last Thursday.  It could be another couple weeks according to my mortgage company so another round of hurry up and wait is projected.

Now you are probably asking yourself “what does this have to do with gardening?”  A lot!  This new house will be MY house which means I can finally have my own garden.  I’ve been renting for 3 years now a nice home from a good friend but I have been reluctant to dig up his yard for a garden.  Instead,  I built two 4×8 raised beds for my gardening needs.  Although I have had good success with this setup, I really want to have a much larger garden so I can plant more varieties.  I’m not sure what I will do with the two raised beds at this point.  I will probably leave them for the next renter.

I’m so sick of waiting but waiting we must do it seems.  Just think of the great posts I will have when we finally move into the new house.  From garden prep to composting options to planting some asparagus for my wonderful wife to enjoy for years to come.  Please pray for us but not for the house to close soon, but for patience.  The house is an object that I doubt will interest the Lord Almighty into action but to pray for patience is just the thing that the Lord would grant.  🙂


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