Meet my neighbors

Hello all,

We have been debating whether we should move the vegetable garden that we built next to the swimming pool to a larger area outside of the safety of the fence.  If you have been following this blog then you are probably already aware of the nice raised beds that we built last Spring once we moved into the new house in the West Georgia area.  The first season of crops outperformed our expectations and I want more space to grow more vegetables.  I’m sure everyone understands that desire if you like to get your hands in the dirt like I do.  Just to catch you up, the image below is a picture of the raised beds that we built.

As you can see from the picture, there is some open space on the other side of the fence for more vegetables.  In reality, there is a lot of open space over there that is not used for anything except grass.

Now, to get to this new area we have recently ordered a new garden tiller from  It should be here in a couple weeks so I will be working all winter on clearing the grass out and amending the new garden space with manure and compost.  I am planning two garden plots on the other side of the fence as well as moving the existing raised beds and reclaiming the space with grass and other non-vegetable plants.  🙂

My concern though are my neighbors.  They seem to show up at the strangest hours and are voracious in cleaning out my vegetable plants and their fruity offerings.  There are 3 of them that we have seen creeping through the yard where the new vegetable garden plots will be so now I have to figure out how to keep them out of the garden.  I’m sure you have figured out what I’m talking about by now so here are a couple pictures I took last week.  If anyone has ideas on how to keep the deer out of my garden without building a fence around my acre property, please leave a comment.

Also, I would appreciate if you would click on some of the social media sharing buttons and help spread the word about my blog.  I will post some pictures of the new tiller once it arrives so stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Meet my neighbors

  1. hmm… that’s a tough one.. I honestly don’t know of anything that really works for deer over the long term. Some people use coyote or fox urine… my mom lives in the Poconos and uses a mixture of rotted eggs and garlic but you have to really keep up with it! Lucky you, being able to work out there all winter!


    • I’m researching some fencing ideas right now. I don’t really want to invest in a fence at the moment because I have plans for the back of the yard and putting up a fence would mean I have to take part of it down for my future plans. Ugh! Thanks for the comment though. I’ll come up with something. Maybe I can get some hair from the barbershop to spread along the wood line like my stepfather did years ago.


  2. If you look at my facebook share of this, you’ll see lots of ideas.. I tried to encourage my friends to comment here, but they didn’t 😉 they did all check out your post though! I would go with the hair idea, or the urine. When your ready for the fence it will definitely work if it’s high enough!


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