TroyBilt Super Bronco Tiller has Arrived!

Well, the day has come…finally.  I am the proud owner of another Troybilt Super Bronco garden tiller and I couldn’t wait to put it through its paces.  The garden tiller arrived Saturday morning and after unpacking it, attaching the handle, and adding some fluids, it has been used to plow up two small garden plots.  I had no issues with it at all and am proud to have a machine as well built as any tiller I have used in the past.  Troybilt really knows how to build them.

The tiller had no problem digging into the red Georgia clay in my yard.  I was actually surprised at how little actual red Georgia clay there is a couple inches below the surface.  I have a few spots in the yard that appear to be hardpan clay where the grass will no grow but once I got down a couple inches on the first pass I was pulling up this rich dirt that was more brown than red.  After I get some soil tested I should have no problem adding the organic matter to the plots to enrich the soil for vegetables next Spring.  I will post some pictures of the plots I’ve tilled under so far on another day.

You may want to check out the review I wrote on this blog earlier this year titled “Time For a Garden Tiller – Reviews“.  As always, if you enjoyed reading this post please spread the word by clicking on the social media sharing buttons on this post.  Until next time…


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