Help! Need advice for 2013 garden

It’s cold.

Not only is it cold in Georgia, it’s rainy and cloudy and, did I say it already, cold!


I’m sure everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis saw my new Troybilt garden tiller.  I’ve already put it to some good use plowing up a couple new garden plots for the 2013 gardening season.  That tiller did a wonderful job turning over the hard Georgia red clay that I am blessed with here in West Georgia.  As we speak, I am waiting for my soil analysis to come back from the extension service.  I just hope we get some warmer weather with less rain soon so I can start amending the garden based on the soil analysis results.  We shall see.

I’m sharing some of the new plots with all of you in the hopes that someone can help me make some decisions on how I should setup the plots.  I already have my ideas for what will be planted already.

burpee catalog

I’ve been browsing some of the catalogs that I’ve received for some new varieties of my favorite vegetables along with some new varieties to try this year.

I’m planning on starting a lot of my plants from seed this year now that I have more space in the new house.

old vegetable garden poolside

The picture to the left is what is left of the garden next to the pool from last year.  As you can see, it is full of weeds which I was battling all summer long last year.  Now that I have the tiller and can open up the yard for a larger garden, I have no need for these beds.  I have some ideas on what to do with about 60 landscape timbers but could use some additional ideas from my readers.  If you have any ideas please drop me a comment.

I plan on using some of the timbers to make a multi-tiered strawberry planter which I will place close to the cedar tree in the corner of the pool.  That would be the furthest end of these beds btw.

roses back pool area

Next, I have these roses, not sure of the variety though since they were here when we bought the house.  They are gangly looking and there were no blooms last year.  I’m sure that was due to the fact I wasn’t sure if they were Spring or Summer blooming roses so I left them pretty much alone.  Any ideas on what to do with them?  There are 4 plants next to this fence.

main garden plot

The next 3 pictures are the new garden plots.  The first one is the largest at 20×60, give or take a foot or three.  The second photo is a smaller plot that is about 10×30.  I plan on planting a couple varieties of blueberries along the fence.  The last picture is the back 40 corn plot at 20×40 or so.  All of these plots get about 6 to 9 hours of full-sun in the Spring and Summer.  I have a lot of plans for these plots and will be keeping track of all harvests by weight this year.  I’ll post my results on this blog so stay tuned.

blueberry plot future

The last 3 pictures are different flower plots I would like your help designing.  They get partial sun until around noon so shade loving plants are likely the best candidates.  If you have any ideas please let me know. I am not opposed to removing the played out azaleas and that small, almost dead dogwood in the middle of the three trees.  The large tree in the background is an elm and it will need to be taken down this year.  There is a large split about 10 feet up from the ground which is growing larger.  I’m worried it will split in high winds this Spring so I’m going to have it removed.  The tree in the foreground of the first picture is some type of Cherry and it is beautiful in the Spring.

back 40 corn plot

I hope you enjoyed this post and will find it in your heart to share my blog with your friends and/or readers (if you also blog).  Please click on the Like and Follow Me buttons to keep track of new posts.  As always, I enjoy sharing my experiences with all of you and want to thank you all for checking out my blog.  God Bless.




front yard front house flower plot back door crepe myrtles


3 thoughts on “Help! Need advice for 2013 garden

  1. I enjoyed this post. I can’t post comments I guess since I don’t use word press. You have a ton of room to plant and I can’t wait to see it developed.

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  2. Hey Chris, I wish I had something to offer but you have more land than me to work with, and seriously… I keep scrolling to the top to drool over your new Troybilt tiller! It’s awesome, and I want one – but not sure I can justify it in my small suburban back yard plot. I am looking forward to following and watching how your space unfolds and develops. Bring on spring!! Cheers, Gina


  3. Thanks Gina. Since there is so much space to deal with I am having a hard time focusing on just one area outside of the garden plots right now. The tiller is definitely a big plus but I have to be careful that I don’t compact the dirt by over plowing. I appreciate your comments and will be posting some new articles soon.


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