New Blog found!

I was browsing the Freshly Pressed Blogs on and found this blog, Whole Larder Love, that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the last couple days.  I recommend that you check out this blog and buy the book.  I don’t normally do book reviews so check out the book, Whole Larder Love: Grow Gather Hunt Cook, on  This is not necessarily a cookbook but rather an interesting book for those who want to learn a little bit about sustainable living.  I included some of the Editorial reviews from Amazon below.

From book website:

Editorial Reviews


“The way Aussie author Rohan Anderson chronicles his ‘grow, gather, hunt, cook’ lifestyle—complete with arty photos, tips on what to put in your fly-fishing bag and handwritten musings on the deeper meaning of pickling and butchery—you’ll swear he splits his time between Bushwick and the Catskills.”
Edible Brooklyn

This is a thoughtful book with an emphasis on seasonal eating and recipes for the hunter, angler, gardener, and forager.”
Field & Stream blog

“And the man didn’t just write the thing; Anderson is also the skillful photographer behind the book’s images. For wild food lovers out there this is one book you can’t be without.”
GQ online


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