Great Arts and Crafts blog

I found a very cool arts and crafts blog site this weekend.  It looks like the site is a fairly new blog but so far some of the articles are very interesting.  The site is called Twisty Stitches @

I always try to promote new blogs to my readers and would suggest that if you know of an interesting site or blog, send it my way and I will give them a looksy.

It has been a couple weeks since my last gardening post but I have been very busy with yard-work and preparing my garden plots for the Spring.  I have planted some early tomato seeds along with some peppers, eggplant and squash so I can get a good start this year.  The family and I spent a couple hours yesterday cleaning up some undergrowth and leaves in the lower part of the yard yesterday.  It looks like the previous occupants of our house spent some time discarding their garbage at the edge of the woods so we had to contend with old water hoses and garbage underneath the leaves.

I also found a pile of metal as well as about 30 eight foot landscape timbers piled up deep in the woods.  Not sure I will try to salvage the timbers because I’m sure there are some nice snakes, spiders and scorpions in that pile.

I would like to ask you to click on the Like and Share buttons at the bottom of this post to help me promote my blog for other gardeners.  I am always looking for new blogs to read so if you have a blog or know of an interesting blog please leave a comment below.  I will check it out and may even drop a quick review on my blog if it is interesting.


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