Footings for Greenhouse In

I hired a local handyman to come out and dig 10 holes for the building and greenhouse footings this past Saturday.  The ground was so hard that it took him 8 hours to dig the holes.  I am blessed with Georgia red clay so the auger was not very effective in digging more than a few inches before it just bogged down the auger.  They were finally able to get the holes dug out and the footings installed.

Now for the good news…..2 of the footings are about 7 inches off from the spot I had marked.  One of the footings is too low which will cause me some trouble getting the building square.  I’ll figure it out but I am not very happy right now.  Oh well.

IMG_1705 IMG_1704


3 thoughts on “Footings for Greenhouse In

  1. Wishing you success on this ambitious project! Perhaps the off-square problem will wind up being the thing that lends your project an extra dose of charm. And you have my complete sympathy regarding difficulty of working in Georgia clay. Being raised working coastal South Carolina’s wonderfully soft soil, I was shocked at Atlanta’s red clay. It still amazes me that plants can grow in it.


    • Plants usually can’t grow in it very well but they do grow. For a vegetable garden it is always recommended to amend the soil with a lot of manure and peat moss (or compost) to get the necessary consistency. Hope you are doing well Alan. Once I get the aquaponics system setup I would be honored to have you come out to visit if you are interested. I’ll be sure to plant a lot of hot peppers for you. Maybe some fresh organic tomatoes in January. How does that sound!


      • I’d love to see it! And I’m always interested in fresh produce. My health is excellent. I’m in great condition now and it feels wonderful. My doctor says my standing desk probably has something to do with my surprisingly quick recovery.


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