Aquaponics Fish Tank Building Progress

Even though it rained all day on Saturday, I was able to work on the floor for the Aquaponics fish tank building Sunday.  Granted, it was still very muddy but I need to get the floor joists in by this Wednesday before the next round of rain comes in.  I fully expect to have the floor down and the walls up this coming weekend.  I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the floor framing and found that it was perfectly square as well as level.  I guess taking my time and checking the cuts twice helped ensure the building was square.  This will help tremendously when I start the walls.


Unfortunately, I’m still having some trouble figuring out what I need to do about the improperly installed footings for the greenhouse.  I’m debating whether I should dig a new hole by hand to correct the problem with the incorrectly installed front left footing.  If you want something done right you should ALWAYS do it yourself.

I’m also going to have to deal with a low end of the greenhouse to ensure it doesn’t flood with a heavy rain.  The rain on Saturday showed me where I will have some standing water issues but I think I can just install a drain on the right side of the building to combat the issue with standing water.  Since the yard above the building next to the pool has a slight slope, I will need to install that pipe before I finish the greenhouse walls.

I also have plans to build a chicken coop on the backside of the fish tank building along with an easy way to gather the eggs from the nesting boxes.  I think I will simply building the side wall with openings for the nesting boxes so we can gather the eggs without tracking chicken poop all over the place.  More pictures to come as I progress with the build.


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