Heirloom Seed Sources

Heirloom Seed Sources

Seed Savers Exchange (563) 382-5990 Founded in 1975, this granddaddy of heirloom suppliers lists 675 varieties in the catalog and maintains 25,000 vegetable varieties as well as facilitating a seed exchange for members who grow heirlooms.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (417) 924-8917 Started seven years ago by a 17-year-old, this company lists 1,000 heirloom seeds and publishes The Heirloom Gardener magazine.

Sand Hill Preservation Center (563) 246-2299 Lists 1,000 heirloom seeds and rare poultry.

Filaree Farm (509) 422-6940 100 strains of garlic from all over the world.

Marianna’s Heirloom Seeds (615) 446-9191 Tomato, pepper and Italian heirloom seeds as well as live plants.

Ronnigers Potato Farm (877) 204-8704 Small family farm selling heirloom potatoes.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds (877) 564-6697 Includes 84 heirloom varieties as well as hybrids.

Seeds of Change (888) 762-7333 Offers a variety of open-pollinated, organic heirlooms from around the world.

International Seed Saving Institue (208) 788-4363 100 percent organically grown vegetable, flower and herb seeds.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (540) 894-9480 Emphasizes heirlooms for the Mid-Atlantic region.

Vermont Bean Seed Company (800) 349-1070 Specializes in beans, but carries other vegetables and flowers.

Redwood City Seed Company (650) 325-7333 Heirlooms, hot peppers and herbs.

Native Seeds/SEARCH (866) 622-5561 A nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing plants used by Native Americans of the Southwest. Heirloom squash, corn and melons.



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