Barn and Greenhouse Update

This past weekend was ideal for getting some work done on the greenhouse. Temps in the mid 50’s and dry allowed us to get out and finish the walls and part of the rafters for the roof on the greenhouse. We also spent some time plowing up the middle and lower garden plots. We will be sending off a soil sample in the coming weeks so we have time to apply any amendments needed.

The middle of the week shows snow and ice coming in to the Atlanta area so doesn’t look like much will get done on the roof of the greenhouse this coming weekend. We have been plotting out the planting schedule for the Spring also. We are also spending the cold days this Winter preparing the tomato cages for the 40+ tomato plants we are planning this Spring. Look for a video soon with instructions on making these simple tomato cages.

This year we are planting some Rattlesnake Pole Beans for the first time. This was a popular pole bean at the farmers market last year and we wanted to add this popular pole bean to our early summer lineup. We are also setting up the transplant shelves with the new grow lights this weekend. It’s almost time to get many of our early Spring seeds into some dirt so they are ready for the April 15th last frost.

We are also preparing the site for the chicken coop. We are waiting for some warmer weather so we can pour the concrete foundation and start the coop build. Once we start this build we will be posting the progress on our website blog as well as on our Facebook page.

As always, we ask everyone to continue to share our Facebook page with your friends and for you to take a minute to share this post with your friends. Visit our website @ for more information about our farm.


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