Aquaponics @ C&L Farms – Update 2

Hello Everyone!  Here’s a quick post on the Aquaponics system progress.

We spent a couple hours digging the sump tank in the greenhouse.  This is backbreaking work but we wanted to have the sump tank below grade to utilize as much of the greenhouse space as we can.  The liner will be ordered soon as well as an underlayment to prevent any stray rocks from puncturing the liner.  We still have a little cleanup to do in the bottom of the sump as well as expanding the depth on one side to allow a deeper area for the pump.

Sump Tank for Aquaponics system

The ground is red clay (it’s everywhere in Georgia btw) so the digging is not easy.  I used my Troybilt tiller to help break up the dirt but the sump is too deep now to safely get the tiller in and out of the sump tank.

The plan is to lay the liner in the sump and over the sides.  We will then add some solid bricks on top of the liner around the edge to hold the HDPE pond liner in place.  This will also give us a solid & level foundation for a wooden bridge over the tank so we can work around the growbeds that will be positioned above the sump tank.

We also spent some time this weekend laying out the rows for the lettuce and carrots in the dirt garden.  We wanted to get the carrots and lettuce in the ground earlier than now but have been dealing with a lot of rain which makes it impossible to work in the garden.

Lettuce and Carrot rows layed out

Since this is a new plot we have not had time to add a lot of amendments to the soil this Spring.  We are going to section off this area for some ground cover and as we harvest the carrots and lettuce, we will be adding more ground cover.  This section of the garden area will be lightly planted this season but we hope to use it for some of our fall crops once the ground cover is plowed in later this summer.

That’s it for this update.  We will post pictures of our transplants that are going gangbusters under the grow lights.  Tomatoes, peppers (hot and sweet), cucumber, eggplant, yellow squash and zucchini just to start.  The lower plot is taking its sweet time drying out but it will be planted with our rattlesnake pole beans!  We can’t wait for them!!!

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