Working in the Garden is actually fun

This weekend saw a lot of changes to the garden so I’ll get started on the happenings for everyone.

If you didn’t see the tutorial on how to make tomato cages please be sure to check it out here.  We ended up making 28 cages from the galvanized wire mesh but we are 3 short for the 31 tomato plants that were planted in the last two weeks.  Oh well.  We also setup the drip irrigation for the tomatoes (and future peppers).  The squash and zucchini are looking a little yellow after they were planted but they are bouncing back now that they have their own drip irrigation.

IMG_1930 IMG_1931

We also have about 25 pepper plants to get into the ground.  They are doing well in the greenhouse but I know they are itching to get into the ground so they can show me their potential.  🙂

The soil was loosened up a little with my trusty Troybilt tiller to get ready for planting the cucumbers, okra and silver queen corn.  We also setup something for the cucumbers to climb up as they grow.  This makes harvesting the cucumbers easier and prevents those extra huge cucumbers from forming that hide amongst the vines.  I’m sure the chickens enjoy these cukes as a snack but I would prefer to eat them myself.

We also tilled under the winter rye where the Rattlesnake Pole beans will be planted.  We setup some supports and twine supports for the pole beans to climb as they grow.

We will also be putting down some of the homemade compost to help with the soil structure.  Soil structure in a mostly red clay soil is very important but it takes time for everything to mesh together.  We will continue to work on the soil health for this new garden area in the coming years.

Unfortunately, the rain came in early before we could get the seeds planted.  It looks like there will be some strong storms until Wednesday of this week so planting will have to wait until this coming weekend.  We really enjoy farming and providing our fresh produce at the Dallas Farmer’s Market in Dallas, Georgia each Saturday.  Not much ready at this time because the carrots, lettuce, spinach and onions are taking their sweet time getting ready for harvesting.

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