Aquaponics system update

image image image image image image imageWe have made some progress with the aquaponics test system. We have cycled the system using goldfish and the growbeds are planted with some tomatoes, basil, thyme, and some hot peppers.


4 thoughts on “Aquaponics system update

  1. This is really interesting.. it looks like the fish are in one bed, with two grow beds? and the plants were started from seed right in the rocks? The plants look good. Are you fertilizing with anything or is the compost from the fish poop the fertilizer? How’s the rest of your garden growing?


    • The fish are in a 300 gallon tank. The water is pumped from the sump tank up to the fish tank. The fish tank then overflows down a pipe to the growbeds. The growbeds then flood to a certain level before the bell siphon drains to the sump tank. The fish waste decomposes into ammonia. Then other bacteria eats the ammonia to create nitrite. Then other bacteria eats the nitrite to create nitrate. Nitrate is taken up by the roots of the plants as fertilizer. Some of the herbs came up from seed directly sowed into the rock media. The tomato plants were from transplants. Easy peasy


  2. That is a good looking AP system. From what I have investigated a media bed flood and drain setup like yours seems to be the most efficient. Are you planning on adding any worms? I hear that is another benefit of using media rather then nft.


    • I do plan on adding some worms. Just haven’t had much time with the farm activities. We are also working on a big change to the Aquaponics system as well as something new that I can’t talk about right now. I’ll write more about it soon and uploads some new pictures.


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